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Matt WullerWhen playing teams that stay back and lob you have to be really patient and not try to over hit and make foolish unforced errors.  These teams have little offense and can only win the match if the other team gives it away.  The reality is that many teams do not have as good of an offense as these teams have a defense which results in some perceived upsets in doubles.

Seven tactics you can try to beat lobbers:

    1. Use angles on overheads so you are not hitting back right to this team.  These teams love hard balls right to them so they can throw up endless lobs.
    2. Play overheads as overheads and volleys as volleys. You do not have to hit an overhead on every ball they send back if it is flying low hit a volley if it is high hit an overhead.
    3. Use drop shots or short angle shots to get them off the baseline and force them to come to the net where they are less comfortable.
    4. Have the servers partner move back a little these teams love to return serve with a lob.
    5.  Use drop and touch volleys, hitting a hard volley feels great but it invites a nasty lob in response.
    6. Take pace of your shots especially your overheads.  Hit overheads with more spin.  Overheads are the number one reason that teams lose to lobbers.
    7. Figure out which player is the weaker lobber and play to that person.


Three things to avoid
      1. Hitting hard overheads right at this team
      2. Don’t underestimate this team; give these teams respect so you do not put pressure on yourselves
      3. Avoid making mistakes of unforced errors so that you are not giving these teams free points.  Remember this team relies on your errors and not their great shots to win the matches.

Over all do not let this team beat you with their game.  Take away what they do best which is to sit back and throw up lobs all day.  It’s up to you as a team to figure out ways to get them out of there playing style.  Do not let them just stand back on the baseline and beat you in there game. 

Find ways to get them out of there comfort zone. 

Remember there is not pressure on you to hit great shots because they are rarely going to go on offense.  Don’t beat yourself, make them hit winners to earn the points and the match.

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See you on the courts.

Matt Wuller