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Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

Matt WullerOne of the myths of the game of tennis is that hitting winners is the way to win matches. This just is not true. Truth be known, the pros play only 10-20 percent of their shots as winners and 80-90 percent of their shots as consistent, controlled shots trying to build the point and looking for an opening to hit a winner.

There are two different approaches that can affect your matches. The first is the "consistent approach", which is waiting for the right opportunity to hit a winner and the second is the "overly-aggressive/hit winners approach", which is trying to hit a big shot or winner too early. Although many players think that they are on the right track towards the "consistent approach"; most tend to stray towards the "overly-aggressive/hit winners approach"

When the ball comes back to us more than 2-3 times, our intuition tells us that we must be doing something wrong. You will then attempt to add pace to your shots or even try a lower percentage shot to finish the point. I challenge you to not get impatient and make an effort to play with the "consistent approach" while waiting for the right opportunity to become aggressive. You might surprise yourself with your ability to stay consistent and will probably start to win points you would have otherwise lost.

Winners do not win matches - consistency and control does.

See you on the courts.

Matt Wuller